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The film also stars Isaiah Washington.

Julian Walker on the making of ‘Blackbird’

Film aims to change media images of LGBT people in the South By CORINNE LEWIS Julian Walker spoke with GLAAD about coming out in the South and his debut film Blackbird, a movie about a young man from a religious household in Mississippi coming to terms with his sexuality. In Blackbird, Walker's character, Randy, plays a teenager growing up in a Southern Baptist … [Read More...]

Aunt Benet

Take the job – Or not?

This week, I received an email from one of my mentees about his career prospects.  Steve is a recent college graduate who has had a hard time finding a journalism job. Steve has been freelancing and working a part-time job to pay the bills, while trying to get into journalism. The good news:  he got a job offer from an alternative newspaper that gets him into journalism full … [Read More...]

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Daily newspapers and the zip codes they serve

Roaming The Media Desert

By DENISE CLAY When you look at places like the states of Colorado, Hawaii and Oregon, the word "desert" doesn't usually come to mind because of the lush … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

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Yo soy boricua, pa’que tú lo sepas

By SANDRA D. RODRIGUEZ COTTO “Yo soy Boricua, pa’que tú lo sepas,” (I am a Puerto Rican, so you know it) seems to be the eternal chant of Puerto Ricans everywhere. And year after year, that’s exactly what thousands of voluptuous Boricua women sing while … [Read More...]

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#wjchat – A Conversation about Race

By BENET J. WILSON The June 24 #wjchat was all about the challenges and responsibilities of journalists covering race and ethnicity stories. Topics included how the media did in its coverage of the Baltimore riots, Rachel Dolezal and the Charleston … [Read More...]

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Is Mainstream Media Really This Obtuse About Race?

By KELLIE C. MURPHY It’s clear, especially with the violent racial events in America during the past year or so, that black folks and white folks have a totally different view of race and of race issues. The mainstream media takes advantage of this fact, … [Read More...]