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Cosby Heather Barmore

The End of Dr. Huxtable

We thought we saw ourselves in him and his family on The Cosby Show, a sitcom supposedly based on Bill Cosby's real life. Turns out, it was just TV By HEATHER BARMORE This photo here has traveled with me from one apartment to the next finally settling in my office and then my work-space in my home. I must have been approaching 21 at the time which I can only tell by … [Read More...]

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No UNITY Journalism Convention in 2016, or ever

UNITY: Journalists for Diversity shifts focus from conferences to training and programming  Six months after joining UNITY Journalists for Diversity, its executive director Roberto Quinones is leaving, All Digitocracy learned over the weekend. Not only … [Read More...]

How does Fareed Zakaria remain in journalism? Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The strange case of Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria is a journalist who hosts his own television show on CNN and writes a weekly column for the Washington Post. But how he still has a job as journalist is confounding, since he has admitted to plagiarizing stories in publications including Time … [Read More...]