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Roaming The Media Desert

By DENISE CLAY When you look at places like the states of Colorado, Hawaii and Oregon, the word "desert" doesn't usually come to mind because of the lush forests, sparkling water and snow capped mountains in those states. But a new report says that while these states aren't home to widespread expanses of landlocked sand, they are deserts nonetheless. They're media … [Read More...]


#WhoIsBurningBlackChurches and where is the coverage context?

  By DENISE CLAY  Over the last two weeks, six Black churches in the south have been burned to the ground. While there are reports that the latest church burning, the Mount Zion African Episcopal Church in Greelyville, South Carolina, was the result of the church being struck by lightning, it, and the other six church burnings, are still under state and federal … [Read More...]

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Donald Trump making his presidential announcement...and a nation of enemies...

The Trump Telenovela…

By DENISE CLAY When I was a kid and we first got cable, I would sometimes catch telenovelas on the Spanish-language network Univision as I flipped through the … [Read More...]

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Is Mainstream Media Really This Obtuse About Race?

By KELLIE C. MURPHY It’s clear, especially with the violent racial events in America during the past year or so, that black folks and white folks have a totally different view of race and of race issues. The mainstream media takes advantage of this fact, … [Read More...]