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Media Moms: 5 Lessons Every Newsroom Mom Should Know

By KARI COBHAM Six weeks after having my daughter I was back in the newsroom, prepping for George Zimmerman’s murder trial and the social media deluge that would come with it. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Media moms face unique challenges with unpredictable news cycles and daily deadlines that make it difficult to balance family life. I'm a … [Read More...]

Newsroom Diversity

Will the Virginia Shootings Impact Newsroom Diversity?

By DENISE CLAY Because newsrooms can be stressful places that embody a host of personalities, the ability to express how you feel when you believe that a co-worker or newsroom manager has done something that you find disrespectful or unfair is an important one. But if you're a journalist of color in a legacy newsroom -- especially if you're the only person of color in … [Read More...]

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Last week the Birmingham News laid off its last remaining black reporter covering news in a city that is majority black.

Birmingham News lays off last black news reporter

By BENÉT J. WILSON The big news from Alabama Media Group’s (AMG) recent announcement of more newsroom layoffs was that among those losing their jobs was Barnett Wright, the last black reporter at the Birmingham News. The moves were made as AMG makes a … [Read More...]