The Making of The Arizona Republic’s “Pipeline of children: A border crisis”

connie schultzWhile Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and advocate Jose Antonio Vargas was being detained (and ultimately released) by the US Border Patrol Tuesday, columnist Connie Schultz hosted a Facebook chat about the current immigration crisis with Arizona Republic editors Stuart Warner and Cherrill Crosby. The trio discussed how reporters from the newspaper traveled to Central America in order to document the dangerous journey taken by more than 50,000 unaccompanied children who risk their lives to escape rape and violence in their home countries for safety in the US. The editors chatted about how they produced “Pipeline of children: A border crisis,” a multi-part package of stories and documentary film, in less than four weeks; described on-the-ground violence and how reporters protected themselves; what few options the children have once they arrive in the US; reader reaction to the series and more. Click through the Storify below to view and read the chat or visit Connie Schultz’s Facebook page to view the full chat.